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If you can describe the issue to us over the phone, we can quote you an estimated price.

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If you can describe the issue to us over the phone, we can quote you an estimated price


What We Do

We are a small 3000 sqft shop located in Jonesborough, TN. We have two bays and one lift. We try and cater to our customers needs instead of chasing the almighty dollar. Our Master Mechanic can diagnose your vehicle’s issues. We can do everything from minor auto repair to major engine overhaul, even engine and transmission replacement if required. 


Auto Maintenance Services​

Our prices are the lowest in town and we do not go by book hours. We only charge the customer for the amount of time we actually work on your vehicle.


Brake Repair Pads & Rotors​

We can check your brakes to see if they are in need of new pads or shoes, we will even tell you if you need to replace your rotors or calipers.


Shocks, Struts Replacement​

We can replace your worn out shocks and struts. This is recommended every 50K to 100K miles.


System Diagnosis & Repair​​

We have a Professional Code Reader that can read any check engine light. With that our Master Mechanic can tell you the best way to fix your vehicle.


Radiator Services​​

We can flush out your coolant and replace with new. Replace your radiator. Or diagnose any fluid leaks that coming from the bottom of your vehicle.


Performance Upgrades

We can do performance upgrades on your engine. Anything from upgrading your camshaft to adding boost. The only limit is your budget!

Why Choose Us

Because we are in Washington County, we can offer our customers a lower cost of repair than our competitors. We have a small crew with over 65 years of combined experience.

Expert Mechanics

Our mechanics have years of experience in the automotive repair industry.

Options to choose from

Unlike many other shops, we allow our customers to bring us the parts they want us to replace.

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Our Customer Say

We appreciate our customers as much as they appreciate us. 

I had my Honda towed to three different shops and not a single shop could figure out the issue. It would act like it wanted to start, but had a slow crank, it acted like it had a dead battery. Every shop insisted it was the battery and I even replaced it, to no avail. I called BentOaks and had them tow it back to their shop they had it up and running five hours later.
2004 Honda Element
I always knew the Ford Expedition had issues with the 5.4L engine. So when my engine started sputtering and hesitating at 130K miles I knew it needed Cam Phasers. I called around to different shops and was quoted between $2,800 to $3,200 just to replace both Phasers and timing chain, nothing else. Not wanting to pay that, it sat for a year in my driveway. One day a friend told me about Bent Oaks Garage, so I called them. I was shocked by what they said. They told me for $2,000, they would replace the Cam Phasers, both VVT solenoids, and get all eight coil packs replaced. They even offered a Compression Test before hand to make sure the engine was still in spec.

The best part was they came and towed it on Friday and I drove it home on Monday!

Thank you guys for everything!
Robert Miller
2006 Ford Expedition
My Saturn started loosing power many months ago. I never thought anything of it until I met one of the mechanics from BOG when he came into the diner where I worked. I mentioned that I was having car issues and he actually went out to my car after he got done eating. He told me the issue after taking out one spark-plug. The news was bad, real bad. He said I needed something big, I think he called it a "cylinder head", not real sure. Then stated he needed me to drop the car off at the shop for a few days.

When I picked it up, He showed me the part he took off and the bent things sticking out of it. Didn't look good. He also stated he replaced the timing chain with a new since he already had it taken off.

Over all I'm happy with the outcome and I have all the power back now.
Ashley Miller
2001 Saturn SL2
I have been using Bent Oaks for many years now. So when my boyfriends car started dripping oil on the ground. I called them and dropped the car off 30 minutes later. I told them to fix it and to text me when he finds out what the issue was. About an hour later he calls and said there was noting dripping from the bottom of the engine, he said he sees oil in the valley of my v6 - on top of the engine and it should not be there. He stated it might not be the issue at hand but recommended that being a place to start. I gave them the green light and two hours later I started getting text messages with images of my engine tore apart. He said he located the issue, it was a blown seal off the oil cooler that was under the intake in the valley. Later that day, I went over and picked it up and it has not dripped any more oil on my driveway. I highly recommend these guys. 🙂
Whitney L.
2013 Chrysler 200