We do a little bit of everything!

Here are a few samples of our most recent projects.

2004 Honda Element

Symptoms: Acts like dead battery, slow to crank and lights go dim when cranking.

This vehicle was passed off as having electrical issues. Three different shops told the owner it was the Battery. She even installed a new battery and it did not fix the issue. Frank went the major starting issues. First checked the fuse, then relay –  no luck… Tried replacing the Ignition starter switch – no luck… Finally replacing the starter itself – and it fired right up! 

2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Symptoms: High mileage and no record of timing chain ever being replaced 

This vehicle had the 2.2l ecotec engine with 280K miles on it. Owner said she just purchased the car for a great price and if I can give it a one over and fix all the issues. So I replaced the timing chain, water pump, and Balancer Chain.  

2006 Ford Expedition

Symptoms: Vehicle sat for over a year. Hesitation and Sputtering while trying to drive it.

 This vehicle has one of Fords worst engines ever made in it. The 5.4L Triton engine is known for having timing, Cam Phasers, and VVT solenoid issues. We first started out by checking compression and removing the valve covers. From there we replaced both VVT solenoids and removed the front timing cover. Once that was off we found the guide rails exploded and small and large pieces of plastic was all over the inside cover. This was a weekend project.