We always end up with a few long term projects

These long term project are only worked on when time and money allows. We have three long terms now, one is a slammed 1965 C10 truck, stepside, built for show. The second is a 1965 C30 that will be restored back to its original condition (unless we sell it first). The third is owned by a customer who wanted to get his old truck back up and running so he could put it back to use on his farm. After the invoiced started rolling in he has decided to sell it and its now sitting off to the side waiting for a new owner.

We start out with the 1965 C10 project

This little gem has been slammed and bagged. Shaved firewall, Big back window conversion kit, custom inner fender wells, custom dash, hidden air suspension components, built 355 SBC engine pushing 425hp and 475 torque. This project is moving along at a snails pace due to budget.

This is what $2,500 gets you for a 1965 C10 Truck, no bed
Cab and inner fender epoxy primered
$5,000 Engine Build
TCI Trans with 2800 Stall $2500
Rear Window Conversion
Frame blasted and Epoxy Primered
Installing the Engine and trans
Bottom end build

1965 Chevy C30 Project

The 1965 C30 with clean and clear title in hand. The C30 is a much harder truck to come across. Originally I wanted to swap the cab over to a C10 frame and turn it into a C10, this will come with the extra frame and 1965 Fleetside bed. However after doing research, we found that it would be a better option to make this an original C30 because there are less of them in the market. 

This one was our first project we took in, yet its the last one to get any attention. This one has a 12 foot flat bed. We were able to get the engine running as soon as we got it home. I started pulling all the rusted fenders off. Purchased all the new metal to weld back on, all new metal is sitting in cab. Its mostly all there, we have $7,500 invested at this point and will sell it for $5,000 so I can get the C10 project finished.

This is what $3,000 gets you for a 1965 C30 with title
The interior is in really good condition
We took it to a car wash before we even brought it home
Interior is full of new metal to be installed (purchased separately)
Here are the bottom door panels
New gas tank and sender unit
New front and inner fenders
Running 283 Engine!

1978 Jeep J10/J20 Project

This is a 1978 Jeep J20 with 401Big Block and Th400 Transmission in a AMC casing, Quadra-Trac Transfer Case. Owner installed a new body and fenders over 20 years ago, body is a J10 Honcho,

This project belongs to a customer named Doug. He let this Jeep sit in the field of his farm for 21 years. He found us by word of mouth and he wanted the transmission either rebuilt or replaced. We knew there was going to me some major issues popping up due to sitting so log, so we estimated high at $2,000 (just to replace the transmission). Once we got it home and started going over it, we found out the engine was locked up, had a crack in the radiator, fuel tank and lines were rusted out, the engine had less than a quart of oil in it. It needed some major work completed on it. We called Doug and he told him what the truck is worth as is and what it would be worth running and driving. He gave us the permission to get it running and driving with the added cost. So far we have about 100 hours of labor in it, we get the engine un-stuck, Carb rebuilt, new fuel tank, sender, fuel line and the motor now runs under its own power, transmission was rebuilt and now turns the wheels, etc. Still needs interior work but Doug is not happy with the bill and is looking to sell this Jeep for $6,000

Day 1, the projects starts
After removing the Transfer case and transmission we found issues!
Ceased engine, cracked radiator, missing parts, rusted out fuel system, can it get any worse?
Here, Lance is rebuilding the 4 barrel Holley Carb. Its was one of the worst he ever rebuilt!
Getting this truck running for the first time in 20 years
Finding issue after issue
getting the radiator fixed instead of buying a new one.
Installing the new fuel tank, sender unit, fuel lines...